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Posted by COMO Susan Davies on 18 July 2019 05:38 AM

17 JUL 2019



ALAUX 010/19




(c) Risk Management, COMDTINST 3500.3 (series)

1. References (a) and (b) were released on 02 July 2019 and provide changes to TCT Facilitator policies for the Auxiliary.  All current Auxiliary-specific Risk Management (RM)/TCT documents are posted on the Auxiliary Training Directorate website at:

2. These policy documents were created in collaboration with a working group of Auxiliary members, CG-BSX staff, and other Headquarters offices.  The Chief Director's Office offers sincere thanks to the following Auxiliarists: COMO Karel Kester, COMO Tracy DeLaughter, COMO David Elliott, COMO Don Zinner, AUX Greg Kester, AUX Rick Saunders, AUX Bill Fink, AUX Tom Blount, AUX Davida Kellogg, AUX Dan Farren Jr., AUX Tim Hoffmann, and AUX Jonathan Ahlbrand.

3. If you have questions, please submit them through your chain of leadership and management (COLM.)  Some frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers are posted below.


Q1: Why publish an ALCOAST and a Policy Letter?

A1: The purpose of the ALCOAST is to provide those who are currently certified in AUXDATA as CG TCT Facilitators (TCTFAC) and/or Auxiliary TCT Facilitators (TCTAUX), a process to transition from the legacy TCT Training to the new TCT Refresher detailed in reference (c). 

The purpose of the Policy Letter is to update the process to initially certify as an Auxiliary TCT Facilitator.  This is the current COMDT (CG-BSX) policy mentioned in pararaph 3 of the ALCOAST. This process supercedes the process detailed in Chapter 8.B.11 of the Auxiliary Manual and further amended by ALAUX 010-13 (ALAUX 010-13 was cancelled by CG-BSX Policy Letter 19-01).


Q2: I'm certified in AUXDATA as an Auxiliary TCT Facilitator and I want to continue teaching TCT, but I can't access the TCT Refresher training materials on the Auxiliary On-Line Classroom per paragraph 5.c of the ALCOAST.  How do I get access?

A2: District Directors of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) and the COLM were asked to validate their certified facilitators to determine who would continue teaching TCT and provide the names approved for addition to the TCT Resources user list.  If you've been approved by your chain of leadership and management and DIRAUX to continue teaching TCT and cannot access the TCT Resources, please notify your chain of leadership and management who will engage with the DIRAUX office. DIRAUX offices will forward approved names to CG-BSX.


Q3: Will there be an Auxiliary version of the TCT Refresher?

A3: No.  All active duty, reserve, civilian and Auxiliary personnel who are required to complete the TCT Refresher will use the same training materials.  CG-BSX is working on a version of the Power-Point training presentation that will utilize an Auxiliary-specific mishap in place of an active duty mishap.  This is the only item in the training materials that can to be tailored to be relevant to those in attendance.  Facilitators must use only those materials that are posted in the TCT Resources on the Auxiliary On-Line Classroom.


Q4: How do I become a CG TCT Facilitator (TCTFAC)?

A4: Those wishing to become a CG TCT Facilitator must complete the Coast Guard's resident 5-day TCT Facilitator course.  Currently, there are no quotas available for Auxiliarists to attend the course.  If quotas become available, CG-BSX will make notifications to the chain of leadership and management to solicit for candidates.


Q5: I noticed there are different currency requirements for TCTFAC and TCTAUX.  Why is this?

A5: TCTFAC currency requirements are established per reference (c).  Because TCTFAC can teach the TCT Refresher to active, reserve, civilian, and Auxiliary members, they will have more opportunity to teach classes and thus their currency requirement is 5 classes every 2 years.  Since TCTAUX will primarily teach the TCT Refresher to only other Auxiliarists, and because in some areas of the country there may not be as many opportunities to teach, the working group felt that 4 classes every two years was a reasonable currency requirement.


Q6: Paragraph 1 of the ALCOAST states "Auxiliary Flotillas shall request certified Auxiliary TCT Facilitators through their COLM." Can I still complete the TCT Refresher with my local Coast Guard unit?

A6: Yes! Auxiliarists should take every available opportunity to complete the TCT Refresher.  If you complete the class with your local CG unit, it is your responsibility to provide the class roster with your name to your IS officer for entry into AUXDATA.


Q7: Why did the process change to become a TCTAUX?

A7: Reference (c) expanded the RM/TCT training requirements to many other qualifications and programs. The old policy to become a TCTAUX limited relevant operational experience to coxswains and pilots. In order to build out TCT proficiency among all affected qualifications and programs, it was decided to accept other relevant Auxiliary and/or professional experience as part of the TCTAUX qualification process.


Q8: What is the due date for completing the TCT Refresher?

A8: Everyone should try to complete their first TCT Refresher by 31 December 2019.  This is important in order to ensure that all personnel who use RM/TCT are familiar with the new materials, tools, and process. The TCT Refresher must then be completed every year, not to exceed 15 months from the previous completion per reference (c).

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