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Posted by COMO Susan Davies on 16 October 2016 12:42 PM
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1. At the 2016 Auxiliary National Conference (NACON) in Phoenix, AZ in August, the following recommendations were placed before the National Board. They are summarized, with the Chief Director's final determinations as
applicable, below:

A. "Recommendation: Change current policy: [Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1G, Chapter 4, sub-section] F.5.c. Immediate Past Office Vacancy: [currently reads] 'In an interim election, there is no change in the immediate past office. The Auxiliarist who held the title of immediate past leader before the interim election will remain the immediate past leader until the next regular election. A vacancy in the immediate past office shall not be filled.'  Specifically...'A vacancy in the immediate past office shall not be filled.'


Present policy fails to provide relief to the units that lack an immediate past leader. When there is an immediate past vacancy due to the immediate past leader having Crossed the Bar, retiring, moving out of the area, or disenrolling, it can become an obstacle which prevents the unit from conducting business if the unit leader or vice unit leader is unable to be present due to a schedule conflict.

This recommendation requests that present policy F.5.c. be changed to offer the current unit leader the option to maintain the vacancy intact or choose if he or she wants the vacant immediate past leader office to be filled by the immediate past leader who immediately preceded the person who the vacancy was caused by.
Amend COMDTINST M16790.1G, Chapter 4, sub-section F.5.c. to delete the sentence, 'A vacancy in the immediate past office shall not be filled,' and replace it with, 'If the immediate past officer position becomes vacant, or if the immediate past officer is not available to serve, the Director of Auxiliary shall fill the position with a previous immediate past officer of the unit starting with the past officer who has most recently held the position and continuing in reverse chronological order until the position has been filled.'"

(1) National Board action: Adopt.

(2) Chief Director final action: Concur, approved, effective immediately.

B. "Recommendation: [District Standardized Standing Rules Template] Article IX, District Publication [section] 9.4 [states], 'The newsletter shall be posted on the District's internet website. One copy shall be electronically sent to the Chief Director, NEXCOM members, national department chiefs, and DCOs and Directors of other districts. At the
direction of the District Commodore, a copy of the newsletter may be sent to District Auxiliary members electronically or in printed form, or both.' 

In the above policy, change national department chiefs to national Directorate Directors.


National Department Chief no longer exists in National Staff. The title has already been renamed national Directorate Director.  This recommendation requests that Article IX section 9.4 be changed to reflect that the title of national department chief is now known as national Directorate Director."

(1) National Board action: Failed.

(2) Chief Director final action: No action.

C. "Recommendation: This recommendation requests provisional membership policy be changed to require completion of AUXMT prior to receiving an Auxiliary ID card. All other policy governing provisional membership remains unchanged as does policy for ID card issuance to all other members. On the ANSC-7068 Flotilla Commander Attestation for Provisional Membership form, move 'Has successfully completed all Auxiliary Mandated Training' from Section IV (Member Activity) to Section III (Member Standing).

Discussion (summary of submission)

The provisional member policy is inconsistent with the message that one must have mandated training completed before issuance of an Auxiliary ID card. Issuing an ID card to an AP Member that hasn't completed AUXMT will be counterproductive to the collective striving to encourage all members to complete their mandated training. It also sends a mixed message to leaders that have been promoting AUXMT as one of a new member's initial goals for completion and to existing members as well. In many organizations supported by volunteers, it is customary and reasonable for new volunteers who will be interacting with the public, to be required to complete core training courses that contain content that is similar to Auxiliary mandated training BEFORE they are permitted to receive an organizational ID card. In such organizations, new volunteers typically understand and embrace this requirement since the expectation is clearly communicated upfront and they are shown how to meet the requirement. They voluntarily comply and move forward to accomplish their required core training within their first few months, eager to demonstrate a commitment to the organization, transition out of pending status, and obtain their ID card, proving they've become "official" members.

Because AP members very much want their ID card, they will be most receptive during their first 90 days to get their AUXMT done, if 'AUXMT prior to ID' is a clearly communicated expectation and support is provided by their flotilla members and leadership. This is because it is generally expected and accepted by new volunteers that organizations will hold them to a core training completion standard during that pending status prior to ID card issuance. Why should the most logical opportune time for AUXMT completion be rendered worthless by agreeing to allow issuance of ID cards prior to AUXMT completion? Require  'AUXMT prior to ID'  so it stays a priority. Don't let AUXMT become an afterthought among the members that would be most receptive to get it done. AUXMT is meant to start everyone off on the right foot together as core training preparation. Moreover, current IQ, BQ, and AX members that need to renew their ID card are required to have AUXMT completed. Current AP members that have completed their PSI and are coming out of AP status must have their AUXMT completed before issuance of an Auxiliary ID card. The provisional member being issued an ID card after 90 days without the requirement to complete AUXMT should be changed. The requirement to complete AUXMT before receiving an ID card should be
consistent for all members.

The AUXMT completion deadline for new members is not being changed in this recommendation. It will remain required to be successfully completed by the end of the first full year of enrollment and then once every five years thereafter, however, AUXMT must be completed before issuance of an Auxiliary ID card. If a member wants their Auxiliary ID card in 90 days, having to meet the AUXMT completion prerequisite isn't difficult to meet since the 10 courses have an average completion time of approximately 10 hours total and there are multiple completion options

(1) National Board action: Failed.

(2) Chief Director final action: No action.

2.    The purpose of this list is to keep Auxiliarists as well as all other interested parties abreast of current developments, policies, manuals, etc. All information contained herein and linked is OFFICIAL policy and

3.   Internet Release and Distribution is Authorized.

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