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How Do I Print a Copy of My AOM Orders?
Posted by on 24 September 2016 05:01 PM

Q:  How do I print a copy of my AOM orders?

A:  AOM was developed as a paperless system. Currently, the only way to print a hard copy is to do a print screen, paste to a document and save the document on your computer or use the print function on your browser to print it to a .PDF file on your computer. This will only capture what you see on the screen and not any other itinerary, crew members and comments not showing on the screen. You can then print the file. This will save it on your computer as well as get you a hard copy. Alternatively, you could save the e-mails generated by AOM when the orders are requested, approved, completed, submitted to FINCEN, and/or the AUXDATA log, depending on your needs. The orders will remain in AOM indefinitely eliminating the need to have a personal copy.

Visit the Knowledgebase article AOM Overview and FAQs (Revised 03 SEP 2016) for more details.

Source:  DIR-R as of 22 Sep 2016

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