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ALAUX 024-14 Results of Uniform Board #46
Posted by on 23 December 2014 08:31 AM


1.  ALCGPSC 171/14 is an All-Coast Guard Personnel Service Center message that was recently released to summarize and announce the results of Coast Guard Uniform Board #46.  The message can be viewed at the following web site:

2.  Though targeting active duty and reserve personnel, most of the message's sections are also applicable with respect to Auxiliary uniform policies.  The following notes explain how the sections in the message are applicable to Auxiliary uniform policies:  

2.A.  Wear Foul Weather Parka (FWP) II with Service Dress Blue Uniform:  The FWP II (with or without the liner) is authorized for wear with the Operational Dress Uniform (ODU), Tropical Blue (TB), Winter Dress Blue (WDB), and Service Dress Blue (SDB).  The trench coat remains an optional item that may be worn with the SDB and other uniforms.  However, the FWP II provides superior weather protection.    

2.B.  Wear Garrison Cap with Service Dress Blue Uniform:  The Garrison Cap may be worn optionally with the SDB unless the Combination Cap is otherwise prescribed.  The Combination Cap remains the preferred cover for wear with the SDB, especially for outdoor or formal ceremonies where the cover is integral to the uniform.  Commands may prescribe when the Combination Cap is required.  The wear of the Garrison Cap with the SDB allows for greater flexibility during travel and while transiting between outdoor and indoor spaces.  Auxiliary unit commanders may prescribe when the combination cap is required for Auxiliary functions (e.g., for a Change of Watch ceremony).

2.C.  Expand Wear of Optional Unit Ball Cap:  The restriction limiting wear of the unit ball cap to the members unit is removed.  It may now be worn on board any CG unit or DOD facility.  The unit ball cap is an optional item for wear with the ODU and cannot be mandated for wear on board units or for inspections.  The unit ball cap is not authorized for wear while a student at training commands or where greater uniformity is required.  Applicable as written for Auxiliarists who are authorized by a CG unit to wear its ball cap.

2.D.  Food Service Uniform:  The restriction limiting the wear of black chef pants as part of the FS uniform only for special events is removed.  When wearing the chefs coat, ODU trousers shall be used as

the standard operational wear with the FS uniform.  However, commands may authorize the wear of plain black chef pants.  When wearing a white chefs coat, members will wear a white v-neck t-shirt.

2.E.  Sunglasses:  Authorized sunglass styles now include: Sunglass frames shall be conservative (unadorned black or navy blue material: gold or silver wire) and lenses shall be black or brown in color (mirrored lenses are prohibited).  Sunglasses are not authorized in formation unless the need to wear sunglasses has been certified by medical authorities, or otherwise authorized by the commander/commanding officer due to environmental conditions.  Personnel will not wear lenses or frames that are so large or so small that they detract from the appearance of the uniform.

2.F.  Wrist Watches:  The policy is clarified regarding authorized styles and specifying that members may only wear one watch.  Conservative examples are black, brown, navy blue, silver or gold.  Prohibited examples are diamond covered, neon, bright colors, white, and bands that exceed 1-inch width.  Personnel shall not wear watches that are so large they detract from the appearance of the uniform.

2.G.  Tie Tacks:  The policy is clarified to authorize the wear of replicas of miniature officer, CPO, enlisted, or other insignia.  Auxiliarists may wear the replicas of other U.S. military service miniature officer, senior enlisted, junior enlisted or other associated service insignia that they have earned.  Replicas of other U.S. military school insignia or elements thereof are authorized (e.g., U.S. Naval Academy).  Auxiliarists may only wear replicas of insignia that they have earned while in that U.S. military service.  Other tie tack specifications apply (tie bars shall be approximately 3/16 inches wide, and tie tacks shall be no more than 3/4 inches).

2.H.  Female Handbags:  The restriction limiting handbags to envelope style is removed.  Handbags with or without a plain fold-over flap are now authorized.  All other specifications remain.

2.I.  Female Hosiery Requirements:  The policy is clarified that when wearing pumps or flats, hosiery is required.  When wearing slacks with oxford dress shoes, socks are required.

2.J.  Wear of Small Unadorned Scrunchies:  Female grooming standards are expanded to authorize the wear of small plain Scrunchies (elastic bands covered with material not to exceed one inch in width) that are plain black, navy blue, brown, or color similar to the individuals hair.  Large or lacy Scrunchies are not authorized.

2.K.  Female Shirt Seabag Options:  Not applicable as Auxiliarists do not have seabag requirements.  Female Auxiliarists remain authorized to wear either male or female uniform shirts that provide the best fit.

2.L.  Aiguillettes:  Not applicable as only Auxiliary District Chiefs of Staff, and aides to the National Commodore and District Commodores, are authorized to wear an aiguillette. 

2.M.  Prior Service Insignia:  Not applicable as Auxiliarists are already authorized to wear specified prior U.S. military service insignia that they have earned.

3. Applicable adjustments will be incorporated in the next change to the Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1 (series).

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