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Why Are Air Hours Not Shown on the Training Management Report?
Posted by on 28 August 2014 10:18 AM

If you look at the Training Status Report, you will see there is no Task showing Hours required for currency maintenance for the Air Competencies (as are show for the Boat Crew Competencies).  Hours required for currency maintenance of the Air Competencies are not tracked in AUXDATA.

Private flying time also counts towards Air currency, however these hours cannot be tracked or recorded in AUXDATA. The only way to verify that currency has been met is when the pilot’s log book is reviewed by the reviewing authority, and a form 7015 is submitted verifying that currency requirements have been met.  (Refer to the Auxiliary Operations Policy Manual, CIM 16798_3E, Annex 2, Section C, for more information about currency maintenance requirements for Auxiliary Air Competencies.)

There are two ways to run the Unit Training Management Report (TMR) in AUXDATA, depending on the intended use.  The default report, “1:  All Tasks”, shows all competencies held by qualified Auxiliary members; those requiring currency maintenance and those for which there are no currency maintenance requirements.  Because of a problem in the programming for the report, all Air competences are shown with a column for required Hours that shows Zero.  (Remember, AUXDATA does not track hours required for currency maintenance so no hours are shown.)

When the TMR is run selecting “2:  Currency Maintenance Tasks” instead of the default, there are no Hours column shown.  

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