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ALAUX 013-12 CHDIRAUX Final Action on National Board Recommendations
Posted by COMO Jan Robert Munroe on 05 April 2013 01:19 AM

1.  At the 2012 Auxiliary National Training Conference (N-Train) this past January, five recommendations were placed before the National Board for vote.  The following summarizes the recommendations, the vote of the National Board, and the Chief Director's final action:

	a.	Recommendation:  Authorize creation and award of a new ribbon specific to the RBS Program Visitation (PV) program.

		National Board vote:  For.

		Chief Director final action:  Non-concur and disapproved.  

As described in the Auxiliary Manual (COMDTINST M16790.1 (series)), the current RBS program award, titled the Examiner Program Ribbon, recognizes qualification as an RBS Program Visitor or in any of the vessel examiner program areas.  Auxiliarists show multiple qualifications in these disciplines by adding 3/16-inch bronze or silver stars.  This award sufficiently recognizes Auxiliarists for their qualifications in these RBS programs and adequately identifies their mode of service.  Breaking down the specificity of such recognition is unnecessary, and would lead to undesirable ribbon proliferation and weakened significance.  Further, the Auxiliary Vessel Examination and RBS Visitation Program Service Performance Ribbon is one of the four Auxiliary annual service performance awards.  Each of these awards recognizes actual performance following initial qualification denoted by a corresponding program qualification ribbon. Dividing a qualification ribbon into sub-programs would intuitively lead to a division of performance awards and exacerbate ribbon proliferation.

	b.	Recommendation:  That the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association Inc. (national) dues be raised by $10 for FY 2013, and $5 per year for the three years following the initial dues increase.

		National Board vote:  Against.

		Chief Director final action:  Concur.  

It is noted that modifications to this recommendation were discussed, and that it was ultimately voted against in order to allow more time (i.e., at least one year) to assess the need for any proposed dues increase.

	c.  	Recommendation:  Restructure State Liaison (SL) and Legislative Liaison (LL) into separate and dedicated functions at the district and national levels.  District SL Officers (SLO) to be dedicated 100 percent to SLO activities and reporting directly to district leadership. LL Officers (LLO) to be appointed by national Legislative Committee Chair in consultation with District Commodore (DCO) and Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) and parallel staff reporting Assistant National Commodore, Chief Counsel (ANACO-CC) chain and DCO LL Officers to be dedicated 100 percent to LL duties.

		National Board vote: For, with the following modifications: 

		-  for SLO and LLO, strike both mentions of "100 percent"

		-  for LLO, change " consultation with..." to "...with concurrence of..."

		Chief Director final action:  Non-concur, with conditional resolution.  

Section 4.G. of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual (COMDTINST M16790.1G) makes it clear that the authority to appoint staff officers meant to serve a specific level of the Auxiliary organization resides with the elected leader of that organizational level.  This fundamental tenet of Auxiliary organizational leadership and management shall remain intact.  As a staff office that exists only at the district/regional level, the LLO shall remain authorized to be appointed only by the DCO.  Notwithstanding this determination, the nature of legislative monitoring and its potential cross-programmatic impacts among States warrants a high degree of national
awareness and involvement to ensure effectiveness.  For this reason, LLO appointments shall be made in consultation with the national Legislative Committee Chair.  Section 4.G.1. of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual requires DIRAUX to concur with all District Staff Officer appointments made by the DCO.  With particular respect to LLO appointments, the DIRAUX shall ensure that DCO consultation with the national Legislative Liaison Committee has occurred prior to such concurrence.
	d. 	Recommendation:  Reduce REYR status from the current 5-year time limit to a 3-year time limit.  Directors of Auxiliary may waive this for up to two additional years for "unusual circumstances."

		National Board vote:  For.

		Chief Director final action:  Non-concur and disapproved.

Absent concrete and compelling data to support the general contention that more administrative work is required in the current Boat Crew Qualification Program (BCQP) Required Yearly, Not Met (REYR) re-qualification scheme, there is little justification to change that scheme.  Achievement, monitoring, and maintenance of any personal qualification rests first and foremost with the individual.   Moreover, the allowance of a 5-year window affords greater, but not perpetual, flexibility for those who may have reason to effectively suspend their program involvement for a significant amount of time.  Simply, the current 5-year REYR window prior to
re-qualification is not unreasonably long.

	e.  	Recommendation:  Creation of Division Staff Officer - Diversity (SO-DV and Flotilla Staff Officer - Diversity (FSO-DV) staff positions, authorized and created in AUXDATA.

		National Board vote:  For.

		Chief Director final action:  Concur, with conditional requirement.  

These staff positions shall be established contingent upon development and Chief Director approval of corresponding functional statements that clearly describe SO-DV and FSO-DV duties and responsibilities, that clarify distinctions between them and counterpart
SO-HR and FSO-HR staff positions, and that identify how they will effectively complement SO-HR and FSO-HR staff positions.  Establishment of these staff positions in AUXDATA will not displace ongoing work on higher priority AUXDATA worklist modifications. 

2. The purpose of this list is to keep Auxiliarists as well as all other interested parties abreast of current developments, policies, manuals, etc. All information contained herein and linked is OFFICIAL policy and information.

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