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KnowledgeBase Article Submissions and Approval Process
Posted by COMO Jan Robert Munroe on 30 August 2012 05:22 PM

KnowledgeBase article submissions:

The primary purpose of the KnowlegeBase is to make Auxiliary service easier for our membership.  Accordingly, any Auxiliarist may suggest topics and/or draft KnowledgeBase articles.  Topics may also be derived via National Help Desk queries and comments.

Knowledgebase articles take many forms.  They may range from helpful hints, to simple advice, to a set of instructions for accessing or using a Website, or the actual recitation of Coast Guard Auxiliary policy, whether available from reference materials, or a clarification of policy from the Chief Director’s office.

Knowledge Base suggestions and/or articles must be submitted for review by the Branch Chief, Knowledge Base, BC-UMK.  (At this stage, there is no implication or assurance that they will be published.)

Articles containing statements (or portions thereof) which reference policy should clearly show the citation source and date.

Articles which do not reflect Coast Guard or Auxiliary policies, are to be labeled as such.  The reader must never be able to confuse advice or opinion as policy.

The review process:

Each KnowledgeBase article submitted for consideration will be slated for approval based on the content, as decided by the DVC-UM.

Prior to publication, KnowledgeBase articles MUST be approved by (1) the CHDIRAUX office, (2) any Department Director (or higher office), or (3) the Division Chief, Member Support (DVC-UM), depending on the nature and significance of the article.  The approval source will be clearly referenced within, or at the end of the article.

(1)   Any article which may be interpreted as Coast Guard or Auxiliary policy, but not based exclusively on published policy (such as the Auxiliary Manual, or an ALAUX), will be reviewed by the DNACO-ITP, who will either approve it or, if necessary, refer it to the CHDIRAUX for further review and approval. If the article is not approved in this manner, it cannot be published.

Articles based exclusively on published policy (such as the Auxiliary Manual, or an ALAUX), however, need only be reviewed and approved by the DVC-UM prior to publishing on the KnowledgeBase, as they represent only a repetition of what is currently available elsewhere.

(2)   A KnowledgeBase article authored or sourced by a Department Director (or higher office) may be published, with the source and date shown, after review by the DVC-UM.  If the DVC-UM determines the article to be in conflict with any written Coast Guard or Coast Guard Auxiliary policy, the article is placed into draft status (unpublished) until the conflict, or misunderstanding, can be reconciled.  If it cannot be reconciled, the DVC-UM may ask for a review by the DNACO-ITP, who may refer it to the CHDIRAUX.  If the such an article is not reconciled and approved by either the DNACO-ITP or CHDIRAUX, it cannot be published.

The same would be true about a subject, although addressed in policy references, contain conflicting information. (For example, two sections of the current AUXMAN that appear to contradict each other.)

(3)   KnowlegeBase articles from other sources, or generated by Member Support Staff, must note the author’s office, the date and contain a reference that the source is unofficial (unless that would be apparent within the article itself). This information will assist us in future reviews to see if the articles are still relevant.

The DVC-UM is the only one currently authorized to physically "publish" Knowledge Base articles (release them for public viewing.)

Items which may become obsolete (which is most of them, eventually) will state the date on which the article was deemed current, unless the date is inherent in the article.

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