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Do Aviators require TCT training to maintain their qualifications? Is the CRM class they are required to take equivalent to TCT?
Posted by on 05 November 2011 08:59 PM
In other words, do pilots and observers have to take TCT and the one hour refresher? If they are both a Surface Operator and an Aviator, do they have to take both TCT and CRM, or will one substitute for the other?

TCT is a requirement for Surface Operators, not for Aviators. CRM is a requirement for Aviators, not for Surface Operators. TCT and CRM are not interchangeable. Individuals who have both Aviation and Surface qualifications must fulfill the requirements for each qualification, thus must meet the requirements for both TCT and CRM.

Note: The requirements for TCT for Surface Operators are found within the Auxiliary Boat Crew Training Manual M16794.51A (series), Chapter 5, Currency Maintenance.

The requirements for CRM for Aviators are found in the Auxiliary Operations Policy Manual M16798.3E (series), Annex 2, Air Crew Qualification and Training, Section C,

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