AOM Overview and FAQs (Revised 03 SEP 2016)
Posted by Harry Dyer on 28 September 2016 08:47 PM

AUXDATA Order Management (AOM) is the replacement program for the legacy POMS program.  AOM is a Coast Guard program developed by CG contractors and is located behind the CG firewall for enhanced security. AOM had no link to POMS and no data in POMS was brought over nor is it available in AOM.  

AOM is a web based program and requires no additional program to run it other than your internet browser. AOM will work on any device that has an internet connection and supports modern web browsers. AOM works best with the Firefox or Google Chrome browser. Please use all others at you own discretion

The "Month" calendar view does not display properly on Safari or iPad (which uses Safari). Firefox is not available for IPAD or IPHONEs. Google Chrome is recommended for IPAD use.

Every member has an account in AUXDATA. Only a limited number of members actually have access to AUXDATA. You do not need AUXDATA access to have an account/access to AOM.

If you have AUXDATA (not AUXINFO, AUXLMS, AUX Directory, etc.) access, your AUXDATA and AOM user name and passwords will be the same. Changing the password in one account will also change the password in the other.

There are two AOM data bases; one for testing/training and the second is the production (or live) data base.  All districts and regions are running in production. There is a detailed user guide located on the first screen past the USCG security notice screen.

If you have not received an email stating that your account has been created and that you have a user name, you do not have access to AOM. Please contact your OIA or AOM Administrator and request to be entered into the (Training and/or Production) AOM blade for your sector/location

Since 1 March 2013, all reimbursements have been  done by electronic deposit (EFT).  If you do not have EFT already set up with FINCEN or it is not yet recorded in AOM, you need to submit the EFT/WACH form using the “Setting EFT with the Coast Guard Finance Center” link on the same page at the “User Guides and Tutorials” tab.

AOM submits your patrol information directly to AUXDATA so you do not fill out a separate 7030 anymore. Your FSO and/or SO-IS will be advised by e-mail of the AUXDATA entry.

Any questions, problems or feedback should be submitted through the help desk link available within the program or from the first page of AOM.

The AOM system maintenance schedule is as follows:

  • Maintenance window: Daily 0400 to 0700 ( Eastern Time Zone )
  • The database might be unavailable during the maintenance window
  • Users should save their work and log off prior to any scheduled downtime
  • The possibility exists that the downtime could exceed the scheduled timeframe

A pdf presentation on using AOM can be accessed at:

An Owner/Operator User guide can be accessed at:

This is a zipped file. When you open it, select the AOM Overview Guide N-Train 2013 file.

Is there an Overview Guide/User’s Manual available?

You can view or download the New AOM Overview Guide available on the AOM Landing page at the "USER GUIDES AND TUTORIALS" tab.

How can I be added as an Active Duty member?

Active duty members need to contact the Operations Training Officer (OTO) in the Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) office for their district or region and request to be entered as an AOM user in your sector or air station location.

What is my user name?

If you have not received an email stating you have an AOM account and what your user name is, you do not have access to AOM. Please contact your OIA or AOM Administrator and request to be entered into the (Training and/or Production) AOM blade for your sector/location. An e-mail will be generated stating your account has been created and what your AOM user name is. Then you can go to the “New Account or Forgotten Password?” screen and request a password which will be e-mailed to your e-mail address as recorded in AUXDATA.

How Do I create an account in AOM?

Please contact your OIA or AOM Administrator and request to be entered into the (Training and/or Production) AOM blade for your sector/location. You will receive an e-mail stating your account has been created and your AOM user name so you can request a temporary password.

How do I get a password for AOM?

If you already have AUXDATA access, then use your AUXDATA user name and password to log-on to AOM. If you don’t have AUXDATA access and know your assigned user name, you can request a temporary password from the “New Account or Forgotten Password?” link using your member ID and user name on the AOM landing page at: A temporary password will be sent to your AUXDATA e-mail address. When you get the password and log on, you will be required to change your temporary password using the password criteria. CG Cyber Security policy requires passwords must be changed every 90 days.

I had an AOM Account but it no longer works.

AOM will automatically remove any accounts that have not been accessed within the previous 365 days. When this occurs, only the OSC Tier Two Team can restore removed accounts. Please submit a help ticket to request your account be restored.

What if My Account is Locked, Expired or I Forgot my Password?
Accounts are locked after 45 days of inactivity or three consecutive unsuccessful log-in attempts usually because of using 
the wrong password.  To unlock the account due to using the wrong password, you can wait an hour and then try again 
with the correct password.  For inactive accounts or as an alternative to the wrong password use, you can request a 
temporary password from the “New Account or Forgotten Password?” link using your member ID and user name on the 
AOM landing page at: <> which will be e-mailed to your 
AUXDATA E-mail. You will be required to change your temporary password when you log-in, following the password criteria 
provided. Your old password will be the temporary password you got in the e-mail and logged in with.  CG Cyber Security 
policy requires passwords must be changed every 90 days.

"Person being REIMBURSED has to setup EFT"

There are several things regarding a person having "EFT on file" causing some confusion.

Issue 1: When a member has "EFT setup with FINCEN" it can mean 2 different things.  They can be setup for "Travel" or reimbursement with "AOM".  When members are calling customer service, FINCEN cannot tell the difference between the two when they say they are setup. When we did the initial import we only imported members that received reimbursement from patrols, not travel. These are 2 separate systems at the Finance Center.

Issue 2: Another issue is that when members are filling out the EFT/ACH electronic form: they absolutely must choose "Coast Guard - Auxiliary - ALC 70060000" per the instructions or AOM does not receive their information. The completed form can be saved to your desktop and then attached to an e-mail sent to the address shown on the web site of faxed to FINCEN.

Issue 3: Sometimes the members have been filling out the EFT/ACH information before they have an account in AOM.  This makes is difficult to update their information even after the email is received. It can take up to a 3 business days to be transmitted and added to AOM.  If it has been more than a week and you still get this message, submit a help desk ticket for assistance.

How do I change my password?

CG Cyber Security policy requires passwords must be changed every 90 days. You can change your password once you are logged into AOM at the “My Account” tab. The change password criteria as of 29 January 2014 are:

Required Password Criteria

1.      Must be at least 8 Characters in length.

2.      Must contain at least one number, but can't start with a number.

3.      Must contain at least one alphabetical character

4.      At least one alpha character must be uppercase and one lowercase.

5.      Must contain, but cannot start with, one of the following special characters: _ $ =

6.      Do not use the following characters: ( ) : @ % & * + { } < ? - ! " / ; > ' #

7.      Password cannot be reused for 90 days or 20 password changes.

8.      Must not be the same as username.

9.      Must not be too simple.

10.  Must change at least 4 of the characters from the previous password.

Can Coxswain or Facility be changed after orders are approved by OIA?

Short Answer is no. Once the orders have been approved, neither the Coxswain nor the facility may be changed. New orders must be requested and again approved the OIA before the patrol.

Why do I get a blank screen after the security page?

If you get blank screens in AOM, the following may need to be done:

Enabling JavaScript Instructions

Internet Explorer

  1. In the Tools drop-down menu, select Internet Options.
  2. Next, select the Security tab.
  3. Then, select the earth (Internet) icon.
  4. Then select the Custom Level button.
  5. Locate Scripting near the bottom of the list.
  6. Under Active Scripting, select Enable, and then click OK.
  7. Answer yes to the following conformation box.
  8. Click OK to close the Internet Options window.
  9. Finally, click Refresh on your browser window to enjoy the JavaScript.


Since 2013, JavaScript is automatically enabled in the Firefox. It is no longer an option.

Cookies must also be enabled for all browsers; If you get a blank screen, please ensure that 'cookies' are enabled.  Then refresh your browser.

How do I fix a Status Code Exception: 500 Error Message?

"An Error has occurred. 500 The call failed on the server; see server log for details".

This can be corrected by clearing your browser’s cache and trying again.  You might need to restart your computer after clearing the cache.

Why do I get the tool bars but no calendar display using IE11?

AOM may need to be run in compatibility mode when using Internet Explorer 11.

One time execution to change IE11 to compatibility mode:

  • ·         Open IE 11.
  • ·         If the Menu bar [File Edit View Favorites Tools Help] is missing, hit the Alt key to display it.
  • ·         Click "Tools", and from the resulting drop down menu, select "Compatibility View settings".
  • ·         In the window that opens, in the box under “Add this website:” type in “”.
    Click the “Add” button.
  • ·         Then click “Close”
  • ·         Now open IE11.  

The AOM calendar should display normally now.

Why some facilities are not listed in AOM?

Check to make sure at least one facility owner is assigned to the location.  Make sure the facility's inspection is up to date and has not defaulted. Boat and aircraft facility inspections are good for 13-1/2 months unless rescinded sooner by the owner or DIRAUX. Radio facilities are good for 3 years form the last inspection date.. Boats and radios do not show up at air stations and aircraft do not show up under sectors (except in rare circumstances where the Sector and Air Station are co-located, such as Sectors San Diego and Port Angeles.

Why can’t I request orders as an Owner or Operator?

There are a couple reasons for this:

  • ·         You are entered as an Order Management User which has only read only permissions. Contact your OIA and request to chance your access to Owner/Operator.
  • ·         The facility you are trying to use does not have a current “Offer for Use” on file in AUXDATA.
  • ·         The facility is not listed in AUXDATA.
  • ·         Your EFT has not been filed or has not been entered in AOM.
  • ·         Operators: For facilities to show up in the facility drop down list, the owner must have the member listed as an authorized operator when owner is not on-board on the offer for use form by name and member ID #. This is entered by the DIRAUX office into AUXDATA when the offer for use is accepted.

Why can I not find facilities I am authorized by the owner to operate?

At least one owner must be entered to the location and that the facility's inspection is up to date and has not defaulted (boat and aircraft facility inspections are good for 13-1/2 months unless rescinded sooner by the owner or DIRAUX).

For facilities to show up in the facility drop down list, the owner must have the member listed as an authorized operator when owner is not on-board on the offer for use form by name and member ID #. This is entered by the DIRAUX office into AUXDATA when the offer for use is accepted. Previously, this was entered directly in the legacy POMS program.

Why are no operators listed when I select “Owner Not On-Board”?

Authorized Operators When Owner Not On-Board must be listed by member name and member ID # on the current Offer for Use form. Once approved by your DIRAUX, this information needs to be entered into AUXDTA by your DIRAUX office so it can be accessed by AOM.

When I search by name for an operator, I do not get any results?

You can enter either the first or last name to search by. Entering both names will get no results.

Why can I not select an operator from the drop down search list?

You have to click on the operator to be selected, even if only one operator shows up on the list before clicking select.

Why don’t I have access to all the locations I previously had?

AOM users were granted access to their home sector as indicated in AUXDATA. If you need access to another location (District, Sector, Air Station, etc.), you need to request this through your OIA. Small Boat Stations are sub-units of Sectors.

As an Auxiliary OIA, why can’t I approve orders anymore?

Privileges to approve orders have been removed from all Auxiliarists because Auxiliary members are not authorized to approve orders since they are not CG employees. Only Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers, active duty E-6 or civilian CG employees GS-7 or above are authorized to approve orders and reimbursement claims in AOM; this is federal law. The only function that an Auxiliarist is authorized to do in AOM is request patrol orders.

Please contact the Sector or the station that usually serves as your OIA for further information on how to receive orders.

As an OIA, I cannot submit Orders to the FINCEN

FINCEN started enforcing policy contained within the Certifying and Disbursing Manual that identifies authorized paygrades. OIAs must be at least E-6 or GS-7 or above to be allowed to
approve and submit claims to FINCEN.

Can I put multiple days on the same Patrol Order?

No, you can only put a single day’s activity (within a 24 hour period) on a single patrol order. Each additional day (24 hour) period will require a new patrol order.

If I trailer on one day and patrol the next, can I use the same patrol order?

No, you need to have a separate for the trailering activity. The same applies if you trailer back home on a separate day than the patrol.

Can there be gaps between mission category times?

No, the times must be consecutive. The end time of one category must be the start time for the next category. Often, this time will be category 23A (Standby) for pre-underway and post-underway time such as; time between trailering and underway, pre-underway briefing, GAR calculation, fueling, de-briefing, ashore lunch breaks, etc. Having gaps creates inaccurate entries in AUXDATA.

BE ADVISED: you cannot have multiple orders where the end date and time on one and the start time on the other is the same date and time. They must be at least a one minute gap in time there or all the info on the 2nd set of orders will not be recorded in AUXDATA


Can I use .PDF files for submitting receipts?

Currently you cannot submit receipts in other than .jpg, .gif, or .png formats. Since these are all picture formats, you can scan them as well as take a picture of the receipt(s) with your cell phone or other digital camera and then upload or e-mail to your computer to submit.

Can I attach files other than receipts in AOM

Yes, but only if you have entered a dollar amount for fuel or other costs in the costs section. Otherwise, AOM will not accept any attachments.

How do I know what AOM submitted to AUXDATA?

An e-mail is generated when the orders are sent to the FINCEN which goes to the IS officer and the operator and shows the AUXDATA entry information.

Which IS officer(s) receives notification e-mails from AOM?

Your FSO-IS and/or SO-IS receive the AOM notification e-mails from AOM when the orders are submitted to FINCEN, except in D14 and D17 where they go to the DSO and FSO-IS. The IS officer can forward their e-mail to any other member(s), as necessary.

How do I print a copy of my orders?

AOM was developed as a paperless system. Currently, the only way to print a hard copy is to do a print screen, paste to a document and save the document on your computer or use the print function on your browser to print it to a .PDF file on your computer. You can then print the file. This will save it on your computer as well as get you a hard copy. Alternatively, you could save the e-mails generated by AOM when the orders are request, approved, completed, submitted to FINCEN, and/or the AUXDATA log, depending on your needs.

How can I print reports from AOM?

Exporting information to CSV format (which can be exported into Excel) is one of our most requested features, and will eventually be supported once other priorities are addressed. There is, however, a current workaround:

1.      Navigate to the Sector in Question

2.      Navigate to the Search tab in the upper left.

3.      Navigate to the Orders tab in that screen.

4.      Select the Subunit of interest, set the from/to dates to your dates of interest, and click search

5.      Highlight the entire table that is generated below the search terms. If there's a scroll bar, don't worry about it being selected--just make sure to get the table heading and all the values below; copy these values.

6.      Open a new worksheet in Excel and paste. No need to select columns/rows, as Excel will filter the results to their own columns/rows automatically.

7.      Rinse/repeat for other subunits of a particular location.

From there, you can create graphs, filter results (under the Data tab of newer versions of Excel), or create Pivot Tables (under insert) to explore the data. It is tedious, but it is a functional workaround. The data that shows up as "######" simply needs a wider column.

I would suggest looking up some information on Pivot tables (with charts) if you have the inclination to try something new. They are great for finding outliers and patterns. For example, you could create a Pivot Table Chart that visually shows the patrols per month (using a date range) by boat, which can help you identify what months are the busiest and how busy each boat is. Or you could also look at the same values by subunit.


How do I Print Screen on a Mac?

What is known as “Print Screen” in the Windows world is called screen captures or screen shots in Mac OS X. You’ve probably noticed there is no ‘Print Screen’ button on a Mac keyboard, this is to both simplify the keyboard and also because it’s just unnecessary. On the Mac, instead of hitting a “Print Screen” button, you’ll hit one of several keyboard combination shortcuts to perform a specific action, depending on the exact screen capture action you want taken. This is both easier and much more powerful, given that there are ultimately six unique options to perform variations of the screen print.

How to Print Screen to a File on the Desktop in Mac OS X?

The basic functionality of taking a screen shot of a window or desktop in Mac OS X takes a complete image capture of the desktop and all open windows and running apps and dumps it to a unique file on the Mac desktop. Each keyboard shortcut will use the pressing of the Command and Shift keys concurrently as the basis for execution, followed by a number or another key:

  • Command+Shift+3: takes a screenshot of the full screen (or screens if multiple monitors), and save it as a file to the desktop
  • Command+Shift+4: brings up a selection box so you can specify an area to take a screenshot of, then save it as a file to the desktop
  • Command+Shift+4, then spacebar, then click a window: takes a screenshot of a window only and saves it as a file to the desktop

Because this approach effectively ‘prints’ the screen to the desktop as a unique file containing the screen capture, it removes the unnecessary step of having to paste the screen shot into another application and then save it manually. If you’d rather not save the file to the desktop though, you can have it copied to the clipboard instead, which can then be pasted elsewhere just like what happens in the Windows world.

How to Print Screen to the Clipboard on a Mac?

Saving the capture directly to the clipboard functions a lot more like the Print Screen feature in the Windows world. If you want to do the Mac equivalent of Print Screen, storing the image in the clipboard so that you can paste it into another app or document, these are the commands you’d want to use instead:

  • Command+Control+Shift+3: take a screenshot of the entire screen, and saves it directly to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere
  • Command+Control+Shift+4, then select an area: takes a screenshot of the selection using the rectangular drawing box, and saves it to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere
  • Command+Control+Shift+4, then space, then click a window: takes a screenshot of a window as specified by the hovering snapshot cursor, and saves that capture to the clipboard for pasting

Remember that the Command key on some older Mac keyboards has an Apple logo on it, but newer Mac keyboards will simply say ‘command’ on them. The command key is located next to the spacebar. Click on here to see the primary Print Screen on a standard Apple keyboard, all keys in red should be pressed simultaneously.

One final note here involves multiple monitors; screen shots that aim to copy the entire screen will copy all screens if the Mac is using multiple displays. That does not apply to the rectangular drawn box method, or to choosing a shot of a specific window rather than the full screen.

What do the four time periods under Patrol Time represent?

They merely break the day down to 4 six-hour segments (0600-1200, 1200-1800, 1800-2400 and 0000-600). These are only to represent the time period when you expect the patrol to begin and have no bearing on the patrol end time. Remember to keep all patrols within the established fatigue guidelines.

Why are there are no Sub-Units and/or Patrol Areas listed for my location?

These items are managed by the Sectors or Air Stations and are not required in AOM to request patrol orders.

When is the claimant’s signature required?

It will only be required when the owner is not the operator.

I created orders and now they don’t appear on the calendar?

Make sure you are in the same AOM blade (training or production) that you originally created the order request in.

What is the “Comments” block used for?

This is where you can put in comments regarding the request such as: Who has your radio guard if in an area not monitored by the Coast Guard; or other information the OIA may need or require to approve the mission. You can also put in information when completing the orders such as; If trailering, who was actually involved in trailering the boat; If crew members were not on-board for the entire patrol; Who the QE was if this was a qualifying or re-qualifying check ride mission (QEs and FEs are not listed as part of the crew); any other information your IS office might need to verify or correct the AUXDATA entry made by AOM, etc. The comments block is limited to 1000 characters and not meant to be used as a comprehensive after action report.

As an OIA, “Reject Orders” does not always work?

The reason for rejection pop-up is limited to 200 characters. If you exceed that, the reject function will not work. The pop-up is not designed to provide detailed instructions on how to properly complete the orders.  This can be done by separate e-mail or by telephone if necessary.

How is “Pending” figured in the SAMA Funding E-Mails?

The "PENDING" amount in the SAMA Warning emails is an estimate of how much SAMA will be paid to all of the currently APPROVED patrols. The amount is a guess based on how much SAMA money was spent for the average of a facility's past patrols multiplied by the number of APPROVED patrols.

Here is an example: Let's say facility X has gone on 3 patrols, and they were paid SAMA in the amounts of $50, $75, and $100. The average of these 3 is $75.

Now, let's say this same facility has 3 APPROVED patrols in the queue. This will set the pending amount to (3 x $75 = $225). The bottom line is the more patrols a location approves, the higher the pending amount will be.

Do I still need Citrix on my computer?

You will no longer need Citrix running on your computer. Completely uninstalling Citrix altogether is tricky and dangerous. But it is easy to disable it. Here's how to do that.

1. From the prompt, run MSCONFIG.EXE.

2. Click on the "Startup" tab.

3. Scroll down to the entry beginning with "Program Nei.." and uncheck its corresponding box.

4. Press "OK" to save changes.

5. On reboot, the Citrix Program Neighborhood screen will no longer appear.

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