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Auxiliary Food Service Program Chain of Leadership
Posted by on 06 June 2016 07:47 AM

At the January 2016 Auxiliary National Training Conference (NTRAIN), the National Board approved a recommendation to establish an Auxiliary Food Service (AUXFS) Chain of Leadership and Management structure.

Discussion:  Auxiliary Food Service (AUXFS) has matured dramatically over the past few years and is now similar in nature to Communications, Operations or Public Affairs.  Currently part of the Human Resources Department, the program has developed to a point where it needs to have the recognition it deserves, but far more importantly, AUXFS needs to have the parallel Chain of Leadership and Management to function fully and develop further. Originally regarded as a qualification for individual members to serve independently under an Active Duty Food Service Specialist, the program has become an Auxiliary recruitment destination requiring greater oversight, education and health requirements, extensive scheduling and professional-level menu planning in addition to the obvious cooking and meal preparation skills. AUXFS qualified members provide professional-level service aboard cutters, at stations and bases, at TRACENs, Sectors and private facilities providing catering for Coast Guard events often having hundreds of guests-providing relief for active duty personnel. As the AUXFS program develops it is suffering from the lack of the same COLM structure that other departments have to go about their daily business in an organized, controlled and standardized manner. Establishing an AUX Food Service District Staff Officer COLM to include Assistant District Staff Officers and Division Staff Officers would provide the managerial hierarchy and control that the program needs to properly augment active duty personnel while maintaining the standards required to fulfill the varied and essential missions.

AUXDATA changes to recognize DSO-FS, ADSO-FS, and SO-FS appointments will be made accordingly.

It is important to note that the number of qualified AUXFS, as is consistent with the Auxiliary marine safety (Trident) program, is closely tied to clear and defined Coast Guard needs for food service program support at Coast Guard units in localized areas.    

Source:  ALAUX 005/16

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