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Reimbursement for PWC Training Patrols
Posted by on 12 May 2016 08:05 AM

Q:  How can a PWC trainee obtain reimbursement for expenses?

Background:  When PWC Training, the evolution consists of two PWCs, with one operator/mentor and one trainee.  The trainee cannot yet receive orders for the PWC being used.  The operator/mentor is operating his own ski, and cannot receive orders for both PWCs at the same time.  AOM will not allow turning in of separate patrol orders for the same time frame with different PWCs and the same operator, even if comments in AOM state that trainee "Name" will be operating 2nd ski.

A:  The trainee should be designated as a Personal Watercraft Operator In Training (PWO-IT) by the DIRAUX office.  Once they are designated, they can get set up in AOM to receive orders and this will enable them to get reimbursed. Basically when this is set up as described, the process will work the same as if they had already completed the certification process.

Source:  OCG-BSX-12 response to ticket RYG-144-58788, May 2016

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