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Why Won't the 7028 Form Accept My Password?
Posted by on 06 October 2015 08:37 AM
Q:  When I tried changing my email2 address using the 7028 form I got a pop up, "Email addresses must be less than 32 characters in length."  Why?

A:  In 2009, AUXDATA, also a USCG maintained site, was modified to validate email addresses.  At about that same time, AUXDATA was revised to limit email length to 31 characters but the exact date was not mentioned in the AUXDATA Release Notes.

Although there is no policy saying that an Auxiliarist must have an email address, that an email address must conform to a certain length (minimum or maximum) or that an Auxiliarist must use the AUXLMS, there is a policy that says an Auxiliarist must have a unique primary email address in AUXDATA in order to access the AUXLMS. (AUXMAN, 8.E.1)

The AUXLMS, a U.S. Coast Guard (not Auxiliary) maintained site, has a password length limit of 6-31 characters. 

Non-conforming email addresses do exist in AUXDATA, but cannot be re-entered if deleted, nor can another email address be entered unless the non-compliant one is deleted. A non-conforming email address will not be sent to the AUXLMS.

Also, trying to enter another email address (e.g. email2), even if less than 32 characters, it is rejected if the other email address exceeds 31 characters.

Source:  DIR-U/Director, IT User Support and Services, 5 October 2015

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