Why Does a Disestablished Flotilla/Division Still Show in AuxDirectory?
Posted by on 30 September 2015 06:54 AM

Q:  Why does a disestablished flotilla/division still show in AuxDirectory?

A:  When a flotilla or division  is disestablished, the DIRAUX staff disestablishes the unit in AuxDATA, then, the national IT Group has to be notified so that we can also remove it from AuxDirectory. This second notification is often skipped, hence, the disestablished flotilla/division never gets removed from AuxDirectory and WOW.

In order to disestablish the unit in AuxDirectory (after DIRAUX has established it in AuxDATA),  the elected leadership should simply submit a Help Desk ticket letting us know about the dis-establishment.

Source:  DIR-Ud as of 30 Sep 15

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