Coast Guard Unit Commendation Award (Revised 27 July 2014)
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Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft presented the Auxiliary with a Coast Guard Unit Commendation award on 23 June 2014 at Coast Guard Headquarters as part of the Coast Guard's celebration of the Coast Guard Auxiliary's 75th anniversary.  The eligibility period for this award is from 24 June 2009 to 23 June 2014.

“Beyond the day to day, the Auxiliary has been there as part of the Coast Guard’s total force in every major disaster,” said Coast Guard Commandant ADM Zukunft at the ceremony.  “During disasters, the Auxiliary takes action to provide air support, conduct search and rescue, fix aids to navigation, conduct public affairs and augment units at home stations whose responders are deployed.”

This is the sixth CG Unit Commendation awarded to the Coast Guard Auxiliary since its inception.  The Auxiliary was first awarded the CG Unit Commendation award on 1 September 1993 to Auxiliarists who served during the period October 1991 through November 1992.  On 10 August 1999, the Commandant awarded a second Coast Guard Unit Commendation to the Auxiliary for service from 23 June 1939 through 23 June 1999.  On 1 September 2002, the Commandant awarded the third Coast Guard Unit Commendation with Operational Distinguishing Device to Auxiliarists who served during the period 11 September 2001 through 1 September 2002.  On 23 June 2009, the Commandant awarded the fourth Coast Guard Unit Commendation to Auxiliarists who served during the period 24 June 1999 through 23 June 2009.  The fifth award was on 23 June 2011, when the Auxiliary was awarded the Coast Guard Unit Commendation award in recognition of the Auxiliary’s 70th Anniversary. 

The award consists of a ribbon only; there are no miniature medals.  Auxiliarists indicate multiple awards by adding 5/16-inch gold or silver stars, as appropriate.

For more information about the 75th Anniversary award ceremony, go to:  To find out who in your Flotilla is eligible for this and other awards, ask your FSO-IS to run an Awards Report from AUXDATA. 

References:  ALAUX 011/14; COMDTINST M16790.1G (Auxiliary Manual), Chapter 10; and COMDTINST M1650.25D, Medals and Awards Manual.

27 July 2014

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