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REPEATING COURSES: Certain courses, originally enrolled in 2013-2014, were opened for a five-year enrollment period, in error.  Enrollment periods thereafter were for 90-day periods.  Your AUXLMS "Completed Courses" tab (in "My Account"), will show the date completed and the expiration date for each open course.  Repeating any course during the enrollment period is counted as a "review", and not an additional completion. 

Although the AUXLMS Administrators cannot reasonably correct all past enrollments, they can, upon request, delete any such course, so that the member can enroll fresh.  Since these courses have already been recorded in the Auxiliary's information system of record, AUXDATA, there is no downside in removing them from the AUXLMS. If you have already repeated the course in full, another option is to use the "Self-Attestation Catalog" tab in the National Testing Center (NTC) to record the course completion.

NEW MEMBERS: New Members (and those with newly unique email addresses) may have to wait up to a week, or two, before the Coast Guard adds you to the AUXLMS database.

CHANGED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS? To have your email address updated in the AUXLMS, simply open up a ticket on the National Help Desk,, requesting that your email address be updated in the AUXLMS. (For this purpose, Auxiliary policy requires that your email address is unique, not shared with another Auxiliarist.)  If you still have access to that previous email address, you can continue to use it as your AUXLMS “Username” and email address.  (If you no longer have access to that previous email address, you won’t be able to request a new password, as it would be sent to that bad email address.) 

AUXLMS Compatibility:

The AUXLMS is a U.S. Coast Guard, not Auxiliary, maintained site.  It was developed using older versions of Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer.  Newer/different systems may not be fully compatible with the various AUXLMS courses. Accordingly, success with one or more AUXLMS courses does not ensure success with all.

Verify that your “Pop-Up Blocker” is DIS-abled (at least for the AUXLMS site.)

There is a simple “System Test” in the lower left of the AUXLMS login page.  All “green” does NOT insure compatibility, but could alert you to other potential issues.

Although there is a "Desktop|Mobile" link on the AUXLMS login page, This Help Desk cannot support the use of mobile devices.

The Auxiliary's National Help Desk tracks member feedback to determine what works, or not, with the AUXLMS.

Based on members’ feedback, we recommend the following Internet browsers for use with the AUXLMS (download/upgrade if necessary):

Windows 10:                   Use Internet Explorer 11 in the "compatibility view", or Firefox, but not Microsoft Edge.

                                       (To use IE 11, go to MS Edge, click on the 3 dots at the top right of the screen, then click

                                       "Open With Microsoft Internet Explorer" on the drop-down menu.)

Windows 7 or 8:             Use Internet Explorer 11 in the "compatibility view", or Firefox

Windows Vista (SP2):    Use Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox

Windows XP:                  Use Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox


Mac OS X:                        Safari should work for all but 810000.

                                        Use Firefox for 810000 (Sexual Harassment Prevention).

If you need to download or upgrade your Internet browser:


     Internet Explorer:



Special note: It is possible, although rare, that the use of an incompatible browser might corrupt a course file on a member's AUXLMS account, so that even the subsequent use of a compatible browser might fail.  If this is suspected, the member may request that we have that course file deleted, via the Help Desk, so that the member may enroll fresh.

Because AUXLMS courses and/or Internet browsers may change, this list is subject to change.

This article makes no recommendation as to which Internet browser to use, it only reflects the feedback we've received from our members regarding their AUXLMS experiences.

There is additional information/options available on the Training Directorate's Core Training Web page

If you experience issues, please provide feedback via the Auxiliary’s National Help Desk.

This article was revised by ANACO-IT on 29 November 2018 and believed correct as of that date.

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