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Why is the 7028 Dashboard changing our addresses?
Posted by COMO Jan Robert Munroe on 08 February 2013 11:20 AM

Why is the 7028 Dashboard changing our addresses?

Q: The 7028 Dashboard changes "Marina Del Rey" to "MARINA DL REY".  If this goes into AuxData, and  AuxData is to be used for mailing addresses and labels, what are the implications for postal handling?

A: Actually, the 7028 actually calls the United States Postal Service's address validation server, and uses its reply exactly as sent as the most authoritative version of the address available. We've noted that the USPS now shortens quite a few "standard" name components like Harbor to HBR, Point to PT, Del to DL, etc.

That test is done JUST before the Dashboard displays the form. You can tell this by mangling the address (like Marna Delle Rei) but having the proper zipcode, and hitting save 7028. It checks it before each refresh, and changes it to conform to their standards.

[Source: Steve Johnson, Help Desk ticket KGI-551-69882]

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