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7030, 7038 and 7046 online E-Forms submissions not received by FSO-IS and SO-IS who have National Staff email addresses (
Posted by COMO Jan Robert Munroe on 07 March 2012 04:52 PM

Please note: The scope of this article is limited to the issues in the title, although it's possilble that it may assist others with similar problems.

Sometimes an Internet Service Provider (ISP) marks the 7030, 7038 and 7046 online E-Forms as spam.

When this happens, MS Outlook cannot access them.  For FSOs-IS and SOs-IS who have a National Staff e-mail address (, the forms are sometimes marked as spam by Gmail. 

If this happens, go to Gmail, click on “Spam” and then open (click on) one of the messages that should not be marked as spam (an online E-Form submission).  Then click on “Not Spam.” 

All of your future e-mail receipts of 7030, 7038 and 7046 forms will now appear in your “In Box” as regular e-mail, not spam.

Submitted by the BC-UMK, this article is dated 3/7/12 and believed to be accurate as of that date.

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