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Clarification of Coast Guard ICS-210 Training for Auxiliary
Posted by on 05 November 2011 08:56 PM
ALAUX released 24 July 2008
      1. ICS-210 Initial Incident Commander is a classroom course designed for Single Resource Leader Type 5/Type 4 Incident Commanders. It is a four-hour course based on the ICS-300 course but condensed and focused on initial incident assessment, initial incident management (includes assuming command, organization, and execution), and development and use of ICS forms. Completion of this course by SURLs is a DHS mandate not a CG Headquarters.

      2. As per ALAUX 002/07 this course or the full ICS-300 course is required for Auxiliary coxswains, pilots (Aircraft Commander, First Pilot and Co -Pilot), any member in the Trident Program or any other team/task force leader determined by a Coast Guard unit Commander to have a need.

      3. Both ALCOAST 042/07 and ALCOAST 106/07 required a completion date of 31MAR08 for all Coast Guard personnel including the Auxiliary. There was concern over the possible limited access for Auxiliary members when the course was first made available. ALAUX 002/07 was issued giving no completion dates but strongly encouraging single resource leaders to take ICS-210 when the opportunity presented.  Realizing that the 31MAR08 deadline has come and gone for ICS-210, CG-54212 in cooperation with the Coast Guard's NIMS Program Coordinator and the Office of Incident Management & Preparedness (CG-5331) were able to extend the deadline for course completion until 31MAR10.

      4. The new deadline for completion for all applicable Auxiliarists is 31MAR10. Successful completion must be entered into AUXDATA which will be programmed to recognize the 31MAR10 deadline. Operational members who are not compliant with coursework requirements by the deadline will be placed in "REYR " and will not be issued patrol orders.

      5.  Please direct any questions to your DIRAUX or BMC Russell Woodill of CG-54212 via email.

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