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How Can Experienced Boaters Accelerate the Qualification Process?
Posted by on 05 November 2011 08:53 PM

"I am relatively new to the AUX but have substantial boating experience. I want to accelerate my qualification process by challenging whatever may be challenged so that I can focus on those training areas which may not be challenged. Can you help me decipher the process of qualifying for crew or coxswain?"

Using the Chain of Leadership & Management (COL ) and the experience(s) of those in your local Flotilla will enhance your relationships with these people as well as obtain quicker answers. 

So , your first step should be to contact your Flotilla Staff Officer for Member Training (FSO -MT ). 

Your FSO-MT should tell you that you need to complete certain tasks that are in each PQS (Personnel Qualification Standards) program.  Not every program requires you to  sit through the classroom portion, however, a) one can always learn something, an b) this may be the place where you develop your relationships with fellow Flotilla and/or Division members.

Next you need to obtain sign-offs from a qualified individual (called a "Mentor"), before you can approach a Qualifications Examiner (QE ) to sign you off on a particular program.  Some programs have required hours and tasks that need to be performed, such as the boat crew program, others do not.

So, in closing, your FSO-MT is the person you should use as your local reference to "decipher" the process of qualifying for crew or coxswain.

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