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Regarding the Unit Ball Cap
Posted by on 05 November 2011 06:41 PM

AUXMAN states: If an Auxiliary unit is affiliated with a specific Coast Guard Unit, Auxiliarists, when serving at that Coast Guard unit may wear the Coast Guard Unit baseball cap.

Question 1. Does serving at the unit mean physically on the base or can it be worn on patrol?

Answer:  While serving on board the CG unit,  not while on Auxiliary patrol for the unit. "...meaning serving at the unit itself (on base, aboard cutter, patrol w/ active duty, marine inspection...) in whatever capacity (watchstander, crewman, inspector,...) and not just on patrol in an active duty units' AOR"

Question 2. Does affiliated mean any Division or Flotilla within the Coast Guard units AOR?

Answer: Yes any Division or Flotilla in the CG Unit's AOR.

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